N litter Sedmidomky

DOB 20. 10. 2018
Just two puppies was born, but male Noe Amar and female Nella are great. Now turned 9 weeks.

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Ch. Ginger Sedmidomky

Ginger was mated on August 16th. 2018 with stud Akim Chovio Amigo dog. She is pregnant and puppies will born about October 16.

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M litter Sedmidomky was born on April 22th 2018

Proud mum Erki Sedmidomky and father Atrey Choovio Amigo Dog have 2 female and 1 male.

M Sedmidomky

3M Sedmidomky

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Erki was mated February 23th.

Our Erki is always in very good condition and  than we decided for one more matting. We wish one leogirl.
Stud male is Atrey Choovio Amigo dog,  4 years old male with ideal height and weight (76cm + 60kg) and nice color.
Ultrasound will be around 20. 3.

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7. 9. 2008 – 29. 12. 2017

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Happy new year 2018

Best wishes for next year for us all

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Luke Sedmidomky

Luke today is 1 month young. He is very good growing.  He is not available.

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“L” Sedmidomky was born

On October 28th. was born 3 puppy, but 2 was dead. Just one, small “L” male is living. We hope that he will be healty ♥

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Ginger is pregnant

Ginger expecte puppies end of October. Proud father is Ich. Coudy Goldenleon. Here is pedigree “L” litter Sedmidomky



Ginger & Coudy

Coudy Goldenleon


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New pictures

With eng of year was coming us some pictures of our offsprings. Thanks their owners ♥

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